• Bio

Tanya Kostuk resides in seasonal Alberta, Canada, where she grew up spending her spare time digging up her Grandparents garden, and chasing a handful of cousins. As a child she filled her lone time and many a car-ride to and fro reading and doodling. Urged by teachers, her parents took Tanya's art endeavor seriously, thus she developed  her own personal style at an extremely young age. She later graduated college majoring in Graphic Design and Illustration. Her visual communications studies influenced her art, where defined lines, and a strong focus on concept became aim throughout her work

Back then, and to this day, her favorite subjects are animals and children. With a fancy for what she finds whimsical she feels art need not be for the heavy heart. 

Over the years she's enjoyed having a variety of her work produced and published. Some of which has been procured as graphic design for clientele for both print and digital media, while more traditional work such as collective paintings and illustrations can be found world wide.